2017 New Holland Agriculture New Holland Work Master 33

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New Holland Agriculture
New Holland Work Master 33


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WorkMaster 33
ROPS 4x4 33 HP
Hydrostatic Trans
Front Wheel 25x8.50-146PR4
Rear Wheel 43x16.00-20R4
with loader
Quick Attach


Key Features
  • Tough On Work, Easy On The Wallet: The New Holland WORKMASTER™ 33 and WORKMASTER™ 37 Value compact tractors combine top performance with top value. They’re built tough, are easy to operate and offer the features and options that suit your needs. No matter how you equip your WORKMASTER Series Tractor – with the gear or hydrostatic transmission – you can be sure you’re getting the absolute best value for your dollar.
Engine Features
  • Weild The Power That Tames Tough Jobs: Reliable Performance, Quality Construction; Your Workmaster 33 Or Workmaster 37 Tractor Will Give You Years Of Dependable, Trouble-Free Performance. The Rugged, 3-Cylinder, Diesel Engine Uses A Cast-Iron Block And Heavy-Duty Internal Components To Produce Reliable Horsepower And Excellent Fuel Efficiency. The Engine Responds Instantly To Pull You Through Tough Conditions.
  • Gutsy Diesel Power: Power you can count on is provided by three-cylinder diesel engines, which you’ll appreciate during tough jobs like cutting, tilling, or blowing snow. Displacement is 91.3 cu. In. on both the WORKMASTER 33 and WORKMASTER 37.
  • Heavy-Duty Through And Through: A cast-iron block and heavy-duty internal components reduce heat and wear during operation for extended engine life and improved fuel efficiency.
  • A Big-Tractor Backbone: Heavy castings for the engine, transmission and rear axles provide exceptional durability.
Transmission Features
  • The Choice And Advantage Are Yours: Here’s an advantage you’ll appreciate: a choice of transmissions. If your work tends to keep you in a single gear, go with the economical 12x12 Gear Transmission. If versatility is what you’re after, the convenient Hydrostatic Transmission will impress you with infinitely variable speeds and easy operation.
  • Option 1: 12 X 12 Sync Shuttle Gear Transmission: The smooth-shifting 12 x 12 Synchronized Shuttle transmission offers more speeds than found on competitive brand tractors. In addition, the shuttle is conveniently located directly under the steering wheel, making it simple to change direction, and ideal for loader work.
  • Option 2: Hydrostatic Transmission: For infinitely variable speed, choose the convenience of the three-range, two-pedal, hydrostatic transmission. You operate the hydrostatic transmission with two foot pedals – one for forward, one for reverse – so it takes the hassle out of jobs like mowing, loading or moving snow even for the novice operator.
Hitch & Hydraulics Features
  • Heavy Cast Iron Design And Big Hydraulic Power: High-capacity hydraulics, delivering 8.2-gpm, and a three-point-hitch lift capacity of 2,756 pounds (1250 kg), allow you to handle a wide variety of implements, including heavier rotary cutters, to make the most of your working time. The generous hydraulic flow also provides fast cycle times and plenty of flow to operate a loader or other hydraulically powered implement. A separate steering pump with up to 5.3 gpm flow makes responsive steering a given, no mater what other hydraulic demands are made on the tractor. An electro-hydraulically engaged independent PTO is standard equipment on WORKMASTER models, making engagement of implements easy and safe.
  • Best In Class PTO: Electro-hydraulically engaged, independent PTOs are simple to use. Just like in big ag tractors, simply turn a switch and the PTO is engaged and stays engaged even when changing speeds or depressing the clutch. This allows your implement to continue functioning while you maneuver the tractor. To stop the PTO and implement, simply depress the dial and the PTO is disengaged. It’s quick, simple and, mostly importantly, safe.
  • Rear PTO: Get the highest performance from your implements with a 540-rpm live PTO that rotates independently of the tractor drivetrain.
  • Mid PTO: Operate mid-mount mowers and snow removal implements with an optional 2,000-rpm mid PTO.
  • Adapt To More Attachments: You can never have too many attachment options. Telescoping stabilizers allow you to more quickly change implements. A two-position, extendable drawbar comes standard.
Axles Features
  • Four-Wheel Drive (4wd): 4WD dramatically improves your productivity in wet, slippery and sandy conditions by providing additional traction and improving drawbar pull. 4WD comes standard on all WORKMASTERS.
  • Reporting For Heavier Duty: You’ll get superior pulling power, maximum dependability when operating heavy implements, and peak fuel efficiency in slippery or sandy conditions courtesy of the heavy-duty cast-iron rear axle.
  • Extra Traction On Demand: It’s reassuring to have extra traction when you need it. Simply push down on the differential lock heel pedal to lock both rear wheels together for additional traction in slippery conditions.
  • Worry-Free Wet Disc Brakes: The best things in life are maintenance free. Smooth-applying wet disc brakes are sealed from dust, dirt and water for longer life.
Operator Platform Features
  • Designed For Operator Comfort: No other manufacturer packs more ergonomic features into their “value” tractors than New Holland. Step onto the spacious operator platform, and you’ll appreciate the lack of clutter and the simple, straightforward instrumentation. Sit down and you’ll notice even more advantages.
  • The Best View Is Free Of Obstructions: One thing you’ll notice and appreciate right away is the unobstructed view offered by our WORKMASTER Series tractors. That’s because we put the muffler under the hood, and not in your line of sight as on other tractors.
  • Premium Seating: A well-padded, contoured seat glides on a smooth track to place you at the right spot to maximize your comfort and visibility. And since the transmission controls are on the dash and fenders instead of the floor, the deck is wide open so that you can get on and off more easily.
  • Designed With Safety And Storage In Mind: The Roll Over Protection System (ROPS) helps protects you if the machine tips over. All WORKMASTER Compact Tractors have a foldable ROPS so you can drive under trees and lower overhangs, and easily store the tractor in low-clearance areas.
  • Additional Comfort Features: • Simple and straightforward electronic/analog instrumentation provides an easy-to-read snapshot of your operational status. • All controls are ergonomically placed for hours of fatigue-free operation. • Left side step makes it easy to enter & exit the deck.
Loaders Features
  • Outstanding Versatility, Strength And Visibility: If you need to move gravel, mulch, plants, dirt or hay as quickly as possible, you'll need a 140TL front-end loader. It features a distinctive, angled-arm design that integrates with the sleek hood of your WORKMASTER series tractor, giving you a clear view of the loader's operation for added safety and productivity.
  • Big Lift Capabilities: The 140TL loader will lift a hefty 1500 lbs. (680 kg), (measured at pivot pin 59” off ground).
  • Easy To Operate: The single, joystick control mounts on the loader tower and is positioned to the right of the steering wheel.
  • Tool-Free Mounting: Simple, Quick-Attach™ design allows you to easily mount and remove the loader without tools or the help of another person.
  • Excellent Value And Performance: Invest in your future. The 140TL front-end loader is designed for durability, long life and excellent reliability. It offers construction-grade, heavily reinforced toughness at a value price.
  • Sized For Your Needs: A heavy-duty 68-inch bucket is available for tough working conditions.
Maintenance Features
  • Removing The Hurdles To Routine Maintenance: Our Value Compact Tractors save you time and money when it comes to maintenance, too. Convenient access to service points makes fueling up and performing routine maintenance quick and easy.
  • Access Doesn’t Get Any Easier: Even when a loader or front blade is attached it’s easy to get under the hood of your WORKMASTER. Just open the hood, which smoothly raises on a gas cylinder, to access the engine, radiator, air cleaner, power-steering reservoir and battery.
  • Fuel Up Faster: Fuel tank is conveniently placed behind the seat for easy fill and without risk of splashing diesel on the hood.
  • 5 Year Limited Warranty, We Have Your Covered: See your nearest New Holland dealer for details.
  • Gross engine hp (kW): 32.2 (24)
  • Rated speed rpm: 2600
  • Gear transmission PTO hp (kW): 27.4 (20.4)
  • Hydrostatic transmission PTO hp (kW): 25.8 (19.2)
  • Number of cylinders/Aspiration: 3/ Turbo
  • Displacement cu. in. (L): 91.3 (1.5)
  • Fuel capacity gal. (L): 7.4 (28)
  • Alternator: 85 amp
  • Gear, speeds forward/reverse: 12x12 gear with synchronized shuttle
  • Hydrostatic transmission: 3 ranges, 2 pedals, cruise standard
  • Rear differential lock engagement: Mechanical
  • Brake type: Wet, Multi-Disc
Power Take Off (PTO)
  • Rear PTO: Independent 540 rpm, dash mounted, electro-hydraulically engaged
  • Optional Mid PTO: 2000 rpm Electro-hydraulically engaged
  • Implement pump gpm (Lpm): 8.2 (31)
  • Steering pump gpm (Lpm): 4.2 (15.9) Gear, 5.3 (19.9) HST
  • Total flow gpm (Lpm): 12.4 (46.8) Gear, 13.5 (50.8) HST
  • Three-point hitch: Telescopic Stabilizer / Fixed Link Ends
  • Lift capacity at ball ends lb. (kg): 1,808 (820)
  • Lift capacity at 24 in (610 mm) behind the ball ends lb. (kg): 1,433 (650)
  • Three-point linkage: Category I
  • Steering type: Hydrostatic
  • Width with R4 tires in. (mm): 66.5 (1639)
  • Length with R4 tires in. (mm): 121 (3074)
  • Height with R4 tires in. (mm): 87.7 (2227)
  • Total weight lb. (kg): 3,067 (1391)



32.2 (24)


87.7 (2227)
66.5 (1639)


Fuel Capacity
7.4 (28)
Wet, Multi-Disc