2018 New Holland Agriculture Duradisc 210M

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New Holland Agriculture
Duradisc 210M


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10ft 4in cut


  • Dependable, Clean Cutting with Time-Saving Convenience: Forage quality directly influences livestock weight gain and milk production. Maximize the return of your hay field with improved forage quality and tonnage by choosing the clean, uniform cut that begins at the MowMax™ cutterbar of New Holland DuraDisc™ heavy-duty disc mowers. By cutting closely and cleanly, DuraDisc mowers leave less crop behind to increase tonnage with every cutting to boost weight gain, milk production, and ultimately the profitability and success of your operation.
  • Four Models: DuraDisc mowers breeze through the toughest conditions to give you a clean, even cut, pass after pass. Choose the side-pull model with a 10'4" cut or from three mounted models with cutting widths from 6'8" to 9'2".
  • Dependability and Confidence - MowMax™ Cutterbar Advantages: Disc mowers are the first machines to hit the hay fields. Dependable and confident operation comes standard on DuraDisc™ mowers. The MowMax™ cutterbar is backed by the 3-year factory MowMax™ cutterbar warranty for your peace of mind. Each MowMax disc module is an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir so gears always stay lubricated, even when working on hillsides. Each module features a ShockPRO™ hub that absorbs harmful impacts and protects the cutterbar drive if the mower hits an obstruction.
  • Adapts To Rough Field Conditions: A large-diameter flotation spring on DuraDisc Series mounted mowers allows the cutterbar to ride smoothly across the field. In addition, a spring-loaded breakaway latch allows the cutterbar to swing back if it hits an immovable object in the field.
MowMax™ Disc Cutterbar Features
  • Durability, Clean Cutting, Less Downtime: You can depend on rugged DuraDisc™ disc mowers to slice through tough conditions, mow smoothly and quickly, and give you the peace of mind you only get with the MowMax™ cutterbar.
  • With MowMax™, You Mow with Confidence: DuraDisc disc mowers give you the advantages and latest advances of the New Holland MowMax™ true modular cutterbar, including.
  • ShockPRO™ Hubs Keep You Mowing and Protect Your Investment: New Holland’s MowMax™ cutterbar. It is equipped with the ShockPRO™ cutterbar protection system—the same design used on Discbine® disc mower-conditioners—so you are assured of maximum durability and peace of mind, season after season. Replaceable, economical ShockPRO hubs help keep you mowing with minimum downtime and repair costs. They protect the entire cutterbar driveline if the machine encounters a field obstruction by absorbing the shock of the impact before damage can occur to expensive drive components. If necessary, these hubs can be replaced in the field in less than 10 minutes, at minimal cost.
  • A Reliable, True Modular Design: Even when cutting on slopes, you don’t need to worry about an oil starvation issue because each disc module is an individually sealed gear case with a dedicated oil reservoir. The gears stay fully lubricated and work reliably. If an internal component ever fails, there’s no chance that a broken piece can circulate in the oil bath and damage other modules. And, each gear case is connected with independent, hardened alloy drive shafts, not a single-piece drive shaft that can twist or shear. When routine maintenance is required, it’s fast and inexpensive.
  • Guaranteed Peace of Mind with The Standard Factory 3-Year MowMax™ Warranty: The comprehensive, MowMax™ 3-year extended cutterbar warranty goes beyond the extended cutterbar coverage provided by some other manufacturers. It is three years of full warranty coverage on the module gear case, spacers, tie-bolts, interconnecting shafts and even covers leakage. Only common wear parts such as discs, knives and skids are excluded. See your local authorized New Holland dealer for complete MowMax extended cutterbar warranty coverage details.
  • Cleaner Mowing with Time-Saving QuickMax™ Knife Change System: Sharp knives give you the clean cut you want, with less crop left behind. Keeping knives sharp is faster and more convenient than ever with the QuickMax knife change system. It’s standard equipment on all DuraDisc mowers. A special knife tool makes it easy to flip an entire set of knives or quickly change a damaged knife either in the field on in the shop. A convenient tool storage location is provided onboard your DuraDisc mower for fast access.
Pull-Type DuraDisc 210M Features
  • Increased Productivity with Built-In Confidence: The New Holland heavy-duty DuraDisc™ 210M pull-type disc mower combines the benefits of a wide 10-foot, four-inch cut with easy hookup and a low horsepower requirement.
  • The Next Level of Disc Mower Productivity: You’ll appreciate the smooth operation and maneuverability of the DuraDisc 210M. The 540-rpm PTO driveline features an 80-degree constant velocity joint for smooth, quiet operation and tight turning. A secondary CV driveline option allows you to “steer” around field obstacles on the fly.
  • Clean Cutting with In-Field Flotation: You get close, even cutting in uneven terrain with the DuraDisc 210M. The header is suspended from the main frame of the machine with large flotation springs that allow the header to float both vertically and laterally to cut close, but prevent damage and bulldozing in challenging conditions. You can adjust the flotation spring tension easily by turning the anchor bolts.
  • Wide Cutting and Wide Swaths For Fast Drying: Wheels are located inboard of the cutting edge to eliminate run-down of uncut crop. Crop deflectors direct the cut crop inside the tire path and into a wide 95-inch swath.
  • Proper Cut Quality The Fast, Simple Way with QuickMax™: Maintain a smooth, uniform cut quality by keeping knives sharp with the QuickMax™ knife change system. The special knife tool stored onboard the DuraDisc 210M lets you change bent or dull knives fast and get back to mowing. The QuickMax quick change knife tool and removable toolbox are attached to the right-hand side of the tongue for your convenience.
  • Save Time with Simple Attachment and Narrow Transport: Tractor hookup is easy. Simply drop in the pin, hook up the PTO and three hydraulic hoses. Hydraulic tongue swing allows you to power the machine from transport to operating position and back. The right-hand end shield flips up for a narrow 10-foot, 10-inch transport width. A removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location are provided. The left-hand shield can swing open for additional cutterbar access.
Mounted Models Features
  • Fast, Smooth Mowing In Three Sizes: You can depend on rugged DuraDisc™ mounted disc mowers to slice through tough conditions and mow smoothly and quickly. Choose from three mounted models.
  • Built-In Convenience To Save You Time and Effort: During hay season, you need to make fast decisions and quickly move from one task to the next. A quick hitch makes the most of your time by allowing you to easily hook and unhook the mower when you need to switch to tedding, raking and baling. It’s standard equipment on the DuraDisc™ 108M and 109M and optional on the 107M.
  • With the standard QuickMax™ knife change system, changing a dull or damaged blade takes less time than getting out of the tractor, so there’s no excuse not to stay sharp. A special knife tool allows you to flip or replace knives easily from the front of the cutterbar. A storage location is provided onboard for easy access.
  • Easy Service and Adjustments: Mounted disc mowers feature an exclusive V-belt tension spring with an easy-to-see tension indicator so you can check belt tension at a glance. Adjusting tension is easy too. There are no shields to remove. All it takes is a turn of a nut. Left- and right-hand swathboards are available to allow for swath width adjustment.
  • Transportation Made Easy: When you’re ready to hit the road, use remote hydraulics to raise the DuraDisc Series mounted mowers to a locked vertical transport position. A removable parking jack stand and convenient onboard storage location are provided.
  • Cutting width ft. in. (m): 10'4" (3.2)
  • Cutting height in. (mm): 0.95-3.2 (24-81)
  • Cutterbar tilt angle degrees: -2 to -10
  • Cutterbar operating range degrees: +18 to -28
  • Cutterbar flotation: Vertical and lateral, adjustable springs
  • Type cutterbar: MowMax™ cutterbar, modular, with individual sealed reservoirs
  • Number of discs: 8
  • Knives per disc: 2
  • Disc cutting diameter in. (mm): 19.7 (500)
  • Disc drive: Bevel gears in sealed modules
  • Disc speed RPM: 3000
  • Cutterbar gear protection: Std. ShockPRO™: easy replace ShockPRO hub with a partial complement of sacrificial splines
  • Swath width, approx standard in. (mm): 95 (2413)
  • Minimum PTO horsepower required hp (kW): 60 (44.7)
  • Input speed RPM: 540
  • PTO shaft spline/size required: 6-spline / 1-3/8"
  • Driveline protection: Slip clutch
  • Overrunning clutch: Standard
Hydraulics And Hitch
  • Hydraulic circuits required: Two remotes
  • Minimum relief pressure required psi (bar): 1500 (103)
  • Hitch: Drawbar clevis hitch
Dimensions And Weight
  • Overall width in. (mm): 196 (4978)
  • Overall length in. (mm): 183 (4648)
  • Height - transport position in. (mm): 62 (1575)
  • Weight, operating lb. (kg): 2610 (1186)
  • Maximum transport speed: 20 mph/ 32.2 kph
  • Tires/wheels: 27 x 9.5 x 15 6 PR



Working Width
10 ft. 4 in. (3.2 m)
196 in. (4978 mm)
183 in. (4648 mm)
2610 lb. (1186 kg)
Recommended HP
60 hp (44.7 kW)

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