New Holland Agriculture 1022 10-Wheel

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Stock Image: 12-Wheel Model Shown

Stock Image: 12-Wheel Model Shown

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New Holland Agriculture
1022 10-Wheel


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10 wheel rake



New Holland ProCart™ deluxe carted wheel rakes are the professional's choice for big raking capacity. They offer dependable, high-speed raking, allowing you to create windrows that are easy to bale. Whatever conditions you face – from heavy windrows to tedded or thick, wide swaths – ProCart wheel rakes make short work of raking. Individual floating rake wheels and newly optimized raking angles provide cleaner raking and help form more uniform easier to bale windrows so you can put up quality hay quickly. The well-built frame provides the strength and reliability you need, and it’s compact and stable so you can move fast between farm and field.

  • Big Racking Capacity: Unlike other carted wheel rakes on the market, ProCart™ rakes offers a high frame clearance to accommodate high-volume crops. Yet, an overall compact design allows easy maneuvering in tight spaces. Gentle raking action delivers fluffy, fast-drying windrows, and when it's time to move on, simply pull the lever and the rake folds up for transport.
  • Individual Floating Rake Wheels: Floating rake wheels follow ground contours independently for clean raking with less stubble damage compared to rakes with tandem-mounted rake wheels. Specially curved rake-wheel arms provide more space for the hay to travel along the rake wheels without bunching to form a smooth, uniform windrow.
  • Adjust to Your Conditions: Suspended by an adjustable spring, each rake wheel can be adjusted to your crop and field conditions for the cleanest possible raking. This innovative rake wheel pressure system uses a compression spring and linkage to provide fine adjustment and the highest possible reliability. There are no chains or springs under tension that can work loose or fail.
  • Adapt to Changing Harvest: ProCart™ 1022 and 1225 rakes allow you to raise the front rake wheel when working in heavy crops, like first cuttings, or you can lower the front rake wheel into raking position for lighter late-season cuttings. This added flexibility allows you to produce the ideal windrow size for your baler, no matter the season or crop conditions.
  • On-The-Go Width Control Option: Optional hydraulic raking angle control allows the operator to quickly adjust the working width and windrow width on-the-go right from the tractor seat.
  • Center Kicker Wheel Option: A large 50-inch-diameter center kicker wheel moves and turns the hay at the center of the swath that typically remains unraked for faster, more consistent crop drying and easier pickup by the baler. The center kicker wheel is easily locked up for transport or when not required in the field.
Finger Wheels
  • Number of finger wheels: 10
  • Finger wheel diameter, in (m): 55 (1.4)
  • Teeth per wheel (#): 40
  • Overall length, ft (m): 19’ (5.8 )
  • Minimum transport height, ft (m): 7’9” (2.4)
  • Transport width, ft (m): 8’ 5” (2.6)
  • Tread width outside of tires, ft (m): 5’ 10” (1.77)
  • Minimum working width, ft (m): 19’ (5.8)
  • Maximum working width, ft (m): 21’ (6.4)
  • Minimum windrow width, ft (m): 3’ (0.9)
  • Maximum windrow width, ft (m): 6’ 7” (2)
  • Weight, lbs (kg): 1875 (850)
  • Tires: 205 – 75/15
  • Tractor requirement, hp (kW): 30 (22.3)
  • Tractor requirement, hydraulic: 1 DA



Working Width
21 ft. (6.4 m)
8 ft. 5 in. (2.6 m)
1875 lb. (850 kg)
Recommended HP
30 hp (22.3 kW)